Proven Cellular Technology

Goodcell, LLC has acquired an exclusive, permanent license to all of the technology and intellectual property (trade secrets, formulas, patents) previously owned by Goodson & Associates in Lakewood, Colorado.  This includes the A-100 foaming agent that has been successfully used in countless projects for over 20 years.  A-100 has received ASTM certification as well as approval from various Departments of Transportation.      

Goodson & Associates, Inc. was founded in 1978 as a Geotechnical Engineering, Construction Materials Testing and Mining company.  With the available materials laboratory and engineering staff, Goodson developed a formula for cellular concrete foam and authored extensive mining research for the Bureau of Mines in the late 1980's.  Further development of the formula in the 1990's was performed as Goodson began to use the foamed cement products for void fill, ground-surface stabilization and mine fire control.  As the cellular concrete industry grew, the A-100 foaming agent, foam generation and inline injection technology was made available to application companies.

Goodcell now provides the A-100 foaming agent, blended with only the highest-quality components and under tight quality control.  We also offer a laboratory for verification testing along with engineer-certified mix designs, if required.  Strength testing along with testing of other product properties will be performed at a third party, certified laboratory to ensure accurate and honest results.

Goodcell offers best-in-class technical support for your project from product acceptance through the lifetime of the placed material.  We provide solutions, not excuses and our recommendations are made with the success of your project in mind.

John Fodor

John graduated from the Colorado School of Mines in 1991 and began working as a Geotechnical Engineer with duties including Materials Lab Manager, foundation and pavement design, Geotechnical report writing, and Engineering Manager.  After joining Goodson & Associates in 1995, he began working with cellular concrete in addition to his Geotechnical duties.  Over the years, John has built a unique skill set that enables him to successfully implement cellular technology across industries.